Offering wireless technology choices that can improve productivity of your operations:

                 * Make calls, send emails and download files on America’s Most                              Reliable   Wireless Network.

                 * We offer data, product and pricing solutions that meet the needs of your                  business.

                 * Integrated wireless handsets with wireline office phones to achieve                  ultimate wireless mobility with full desk phone functionality.

                 * National coverage in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands

                 * International wireless access in 100+ countries using Worldwide                  service.

                 * Wireless email and Internet access, business calling and data                                   plans, global services, the latest Smartphone's and more.

                 * Wireless Voice and Data services in over 150 countries using                                 International Roaming service.


High Speed Wireless Data

                 * Innovative GPS solutions to locate, Navigate and track

                 * Real-time secure access to corporate information and applications

                 * Wireless WAN data service connecting remote devices to a corporate                  network. It can be used as a Primary WAN service or as a backup failover                  service to augment existing wireline services

                 * Wireless Credit Card processing for mobile workers to wirelessly and                  securely collect, authenticate and process credit card information and                  checks